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0000520Mana ClientCorepublic2013-07-18 21:312013-07-19 20:04
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Summary0000520: name offsets for creatures with odd sizes
DescriptionIf a being is not centered on a tile, the name-drawing algorithm draws it in a funny place.

ManaPlus implemented this: [^]
and it is used by tmwa-client-data: [^]
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bjorn (administrator)
2013-07-19 08:46

Why would a being not be centered on a tile?
o11c (reporter)
2013-07-19 17:48

In the particular example, when it is instead centered between two tiles. Did you even look at the commit in client-data?
bjorn (administrator)
2013-07-19 18:52

I didn't ask "when", I asked "why", which you haven't answered. I obviously looked at the commits you linked to, but they didn't say why either.

If I have to guess, I'd say you're using an offset to put this NPC between tiles because tmwa does not support sub-tile positioning. So alternatively you could just port over to manaserv. :P
o11c (reporter)
2013-07-19 19:58

Thank you for the generous reminder of why the Mana project is willfully useless to us, and why we blessed ManaPlus. You can either implement it, or fall behind further.

Do you seriously wonder why we hesitate to file bug reports for missing features, when we get treated like this?

Anyway, we also need targetOffsetX, see [^]
bjorn (administrator)
2013-07-19 20:04

Maybe you missed the smily that was supposed to convey humour. Thank you for reminding me why I'm not very motivated to work on your demands.

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